Practical Philosophy

An Introductory Course of ten weekly lectures

Practical Philosophy is not about the history of philosophies, nor is it a comparative study of philosophers; rather it is an exploration of the underlying principles of experience, which at the same time holds the key to a happy and fulfilling life.

The aim is to discover the natural creativity that lies at the heart of all beings, and to observe its application in our own lives. This is achieved by turning to the great teachings of mankind and finding, in practice, how they might enrich even the most ordinary of experiences.

The source materials are wide-ranging and chosen for their relevance to life, as we live it, in the modern world. Students are welcome to bring their own inspirations to the discussion.

Simple exercises, tested over many years, are introduced to develop attention, to increase the capacity to be present, and to strengthen our resilience and equanimity. Students are invited to give observations from their own practice, which are invariably of benefit to the group. Our discussions, facilitated by an experienced tutor, are always spontaneous, lively and insightful.

Among the subjects explored in the Introductory Course are:

  • The use of Reason.
  • The nature of Beauty.
  • Dissolving stress.
  • Freedom from fear & anger.
  • The power of attention & employing it effectively.
  • The unchanging in a changing world.
  • The central question of philosophy: Who am I?

Courses for 2020:
Practical Philosophy Introductory Course
Ten weeks. Fee. £40.00 per term.
Venues and Times.
BATH: Tuesdays beginning 21st January. 7.15pm to 9.00pm with a break. 30 Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DG

BRISTOL: Thursdays beginning 23rd January. 7.15pm to 9.00pm with a break. Charnwood House, 30 Cotham Park, Bristol, BS6 6BU
For further information call: 07873230651
To Enrol:

You are welcome to enrol in person on the first evening. Please bring cash or a cheque – at this time we do not have the facilities to accept card payments.

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