Free 10 week course starting January 2018


The course has a registration fee of £10.00.

No other charges apply.

This Philosophy for Living course explores the art of living in the present. You will be introduced to practical exercises that increase MINDFUL AWARENESS.

Enjoying more stillness of mind, we naturally become less anxious, more self aware and our actions become more natural, refined and effective.

The 10 week course will also explore the innate wisdom present in each of us, and how we can access it for the benefit of all.

We draw on the great philosophic traditions of both east and west, including Plato, Shankara, the great religious traditions and exercises.

For those who want to extend the study and exercises, there will be further terms that will extend and go deeper into the study of the nature of a person, their place in the world and the powers available to them.

All this will centre around practical exercises to develop your awareness and attention.

Bath: Tuesday at 7.15pm starting 16th January 2018 at 30 Milsom Street, Bath.
Bristol: Thursday at 7.15pm starting 18th January 2018, North Bristol Post 16 Centre, Charnwood House, 30 Cotham Park, Bristol BS6 6BU.

EMail: or
Call 07873230651.

2 thoughts on “Free 10 week course starting January 2018

  1. Tony Setchfield Post author

    There is a continuation course from part one starting mid January. Check out the website for details.

  2. Patrick Boucard


    I spoke to Tony a few weeks ago and he told me that there would be a new 4 week course in April.
    I checked your website and I have not found any information on it.
    Do you have a date for the new course?

    Thank you.


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